Christian Meditation group

  • 05:30 PM


The group started meeting each week about 10 years ago. Members are drawn from the parish congregation, local East Melbourne residents, and several who travel considerable distances each week to our gathering, a tribute to the value placed on this form of contemplation.
We are part of the World Community for Christian Meditation and the Australian Christian Meditation Community. We use materials supplied from those communities in our weekly gatherings. We aim to meet each week to keep continuity of the experience, and this meeting as a community helps maintain the discipline of twice daily meditation as recommended by the founder, Father John Main.
We meet each Tuesday at 5.30 pm at the Church and the session is finished by 6.30. Gatherings are informal and people know they can come whenever they are able to attend and not feel guilty if they miss sessions. All are welcome to attend these sessions. Further information can be obtained from the Parish Office 94173341.