Dear Friends,

For most of my ministry at various times people have been kind enough to point out to me that ‘religion and politics don’t mix, Vicar’ and ‘there is no place in the church for politics’. On closer inspection of these statements I have usually found that the people making them have really meant, ‘your politics and my politics don’t mix Vicar’ or there is no room in the church for politics that are not mine. We as Australians have had this curious aversion to discussing politics in polite company and especially in the church. Curious then that this morning’s gospel, nearly the beginning of Luke’s story of Jesus, that eight politicians are mentioned by name (two names are of the high priests who were politicians in my view). I know this is an attempt to root the story in its historical context but one or two politicians named could easily have done this. I think St.Luke is telling us that politics is important in the Jesus narrative and that as Christians we should be paying attention to politics. I don’t think it is a very big stretch to make the statement that politics in this country has seen greater days and I wonder if some of the reason for their pallid state is that too few people take an avid interest in the process. I have always wondered why Australia has never had a Christian Democrat Party or the like and given the current antithesis to religion I guess we will have to content ourselves with trying to influence the current parties inadequate as they seem to be.

Politics are there in the gospel and grubby and horrible as they seem to be I think we are called to take an interest if not an active part in what is after all the mechanism that makes so many decisions that affect the daily lives of each citizen.

I won’t any time soon be telling anyone how to vote.


Praying for the Community

For all members of our community, especially all who live and work in Victoria Parade and for all who work and travel on our Public Transport.  In our Parish we pray for our sidespersons.

Praying for those in need

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TODAY in your pews you will find envelopes for the Christmas Bowl Appeal. On Christmas day in 1949, the Reverend Frank Byatt placed an empty bowl on the dinner table and asked those present to give what they considered to be the cost of the meal. Frank urged his guests to reflect on their good fortunes and encouraged them to do something selfless to bring relief and hope to refugees who had fled the horrors of World War II. For the 2,000 churches from 19 denominations who now take part each year, it is an essential part of our Christmas celebrations.

CHRISTMAS MINI MARKET –  in the Macbean Room the Mini Market and Hamper Raffle and the Raffle for the Christmas pudding continue. 

NATIVITY SETTING Silent Auction – There is a wonderful Nativity setting on display for sale by silent auction with the proceeds going to the refurbishment of the church gardens.  This lovely setting is over 60 years old and has been donated by a parishioner.

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