Dear Friends,

“All homosexuals are going to hell!”

This is the assertion of Mr Israel Folau. I am not certain what theological qualifications Mr Folau has but this consignment of what is popularly held as about 10% of the population makes hell appear quite a large place.

There are a few things to say about this: firstly, much as I disagree with Mr Folau’s theological commentary on sexuality, I defend implicitly his right to express an opinion. The reaction from some to his opinion is draconian to say the least and I hope all of us believe he has the right to express these things. Political correctness has gone too far.

I find it unfortunate that his opinion is being linked to ALL Christians and in the minds of many we all think this way. Well, the sad thing about the media is the lack of examination and analysis when it comes to statements of this nature. The media recognise the sensational nature of these pronouncements and report it accordingly.

The God I know is a God of love, forgiveness and compassion not the God of judgement and condemnation. The God I know is large, big, huge. Let us pray that we are not all tarred with the Folau brush but continue to proclaim the hope and wonder of our God for all people. One last thing to add – I would be very interested to hear Mr Folau’s theological interpretation of John 12:44 ff.

After all: Christ is Risen – He is Risen indeed!!!!!!


Praying for the Community

For all members of our community, especially all who live and work in Clarendon St, and for St Nicholas’ Antiochian  Church.  In our Parish family we pray for our readers and intercessors.

Praying for those in need

Edie, (Randy, Ron and Miles) Gytha, Karin, Joan, Julie, Ian, Paul, Jeffrey, John, Mark, Suzanne, Tony, Wilma, Lindsay, Richard, Melissa, Lionel, Jenny, Ann, Phil, Elizabeth, Betty S. 

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BIBLICAL VALUES – What are they? Who decides? Are they still relevant in the modern world?  We often hear terms like “the Bible says” or “the bible teaches”. In this highly relevant seminar, Professor John Collins (Yale Divinity School) will explore the basic questions in regard to, what we call, biblical values.  TUESDAY 15 MAY 2018 7.30-9.00PM Trinity College Parkville. Further information on notice board.



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